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Vipp: The inheritance from Grandpa’s workshop

When Jette Egelund’s father made a garbage bin for his wife Marie’s hairdressing salon in 1939, no-one could have guessed that Jette and her two children, Sofie and Kasper, 53 years later would take on the company and make it one of the world’s leading design products.

Rise in productivity keeps jobs in Denmark

Grundfos was awarded a productivity award in 2012 for creating a 23 % improvement in productivity in two years. Here, you find inspiration to adapt the lean principles, combine automation and manual labor, change leadership focus and involve everybody.

The person closest to the guest is responsible

Fårup Sommerland has been elected as the world’s third best family park and Scandinavia’s best summer land. A targeted investment in teaching employees being a great host and internal competitions in great service has meant more visitors and a higher return.

LEGO: A lot of the time you have to act before you think

Former Executive Vice President, Marketing at LEGO, Mads Nipper, gives his ideas of important elements of international marketing. We talk about values, customer knowledge, product rages, full value chain responsibility, marketing approach, choosing channels and leadership.

We need skilled merchants behind the screen

That was one of the key points when LederIndsigt spoke with Peter Boris Kreilgaard, head of marketing at We talked about achieving success with digital marketing, how Coop differentiates itself in order to compete with competitors like Amazon and why it isn’t enough to “just” have a web shop.

Michael Lindberg, Lindberg International: Your customers don’t know what they want

User driven innovation and the single consumer is critiqued by Michael Lindberg, CEO. With examples he explains the difference between concepts like Mass Customization, Co-creation and crowd sourcing.

Frugal solutions: Growth potential in frugal innovation

Danish businesses have a lot to learn from Asian product development. Important characteristics are that they consider the customer’s finances and life, deliver the bare minimum to a low price and combine known technologies to create something practical and make customers do part of the job.