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Employment contracts for white-collar workers and hourly workers

On this page you will find templates for employment contracts for white-collar workers and hourly workers. The templates have been prepared on the basis of guidelines from the Ministry of Employment and are easy to fill in and use.

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The Employment Act is a guarantee that all employees who work more than eight hours and have more than one month's employment can be informed of the terms of their employment with the employer.


All employers are obliged to draw up and deliver a correct employment contract in writing no later than one month after the first day of work. The contract for both white-collar workers and hourly employees must cover at least:


  • The name and address of the employer and the employee.
  • The location of the place of work or information that the employee is employed in different places, if there is no fixed place of work. Information must also be given about the head office or the address of the employer.
  • Description of the work or indication of the employee's title, rank, position or job category.
  • The starting time of the employment relationship.
  • The expected duration of the employment relationship, where it is not a question of indefinite employment.
  • The employee's rights with regard to paid holiday, including whether wages are paid during holiday.
  • The duration of the employee's and the employer's notices of termination or the rules thereof.
  • The current or agreed salary to which the employee is entitled at the start of the employment relationship and allowances and other parts of salary that are not contained herein. This could be, for example, a pension contribution or board and lodging.
  • Salary payment dates.
  • The normal daily or weekly working hours.
  • Indication of which collective agreements or agreements regulate the working relationship. If there are collective agreements or agreements entered into by parties outside the company, it must also be stated who these parties are.

Source: Ministry of Employment


In addition, significant changes in the employment relationship must be notified in writing by the employer to the employee within one month. Except if the changes are due to changes in the law, regulations or collective agreements to which the employer may and has referred.


Templates for employment contracts

We have made it easy for you and created a template for an employment contract for both white-collar and hourly employees.


You can find a template for an employment contract for a white-collar worker here

The template for the employment contract for the hourly wage can be found here


If you are in doubt about the legal relationship between employer and employee (official), you can find the whole the Civil Service Act here.

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