Find answers to some of our most frequent questions. If you can't find what you are looking for please send us an email at infor@lederindsigt.dk or call our support +45 60 20 00 30


  • I don't remember my password
    • Choose "forgotten your password?" on the login pop-up, type your email address and follow the instructions.

Payment and membership

  • My payment isn't accepted
    • If your payment isn't accepted, first make sure you've typed the correct information. If your payment still is declined, please contact our support through email info@lederindsigt.dk or phone +45 60 20 00 30.
  • How long is a membership valid?
    • Your membership is valid one year starting the day you confirm your membership. It's renewed automatically after one year unless you cancel through a written notice. Three days before your membership is renewed you'll receive an email stating so from us. If you do nothing your membership is automatically renewed.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    • Cancel your subscription by sending a written notice, with at least a month's warning or by the end of your subscription period.


  • How do I download PowerPoints and templates?
    • Click on the icon below the PowerPoint. Download will begin automatically.
  • How do I suggest new topics?
  • What are the consultants' rates?
    • LederIndsigt are not involved in the relationship between consultant and customer, therefore price and other practicalities are agreed upon between the consultant and the potential client.
  • How do I edit my shelves in MyWorld?
    • You can move shelves and files in MyWorld by dragging and dropping them where you need them. To edit your profile chose "edit profile", which you find in the navigational bar once you are logged in. Here, you can change your personal information and your password as well.