A new way of working with strategy that strengthens your culture and ensures execution and focus

Poul von Wowern

Kenny RM Sorensen

Adam Peter Nielsen

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The Strategy Model Canvas is a new one of ours strategy model based on new philosophy. 

The way we work with strategy in Danish companies does not work.

The aha moment came when it dawned on us that it's because you don't ensure that the company's culture supports your strategy.

From that aha moment came the Strategy Model Canvas. It is based on a completely unique philosophy, which you can read more about further down the page. The method ensures that at the same time as your strategy is strengthened, we also work with your culture and ability to execute.

Strategy Model Canvas - A new simple model and methodology that gathers all the complicated in one model

We help companies become better at strategy

Through a structured approach, we tailor the solution to you. So you become better at working strategically and achieving your goals.


The eight components of the Strategy Model Canvas philosophy

Ensures alignment between corporate culture and strategy.

Include all employees in strategy development and implementation.

Continuous adjustment and adaptation to market conditions in a changing world. "A Living Strategy"

Clarify realistic targets and KPIs/KBIs or SPIs for effective weekly follow-up.

Defines a "Why Vision" that goes beyond financial goals and avoids the classics from traditional strategy models and processes as well as an ambition that everyone knows and works towards.

Promote employee responsibility and ownership. And secure anchoring and execution.

Integrates sustainability and efficiency into the strategy. And ensure that all types of personalities/employees are on the journey - "A Living Organisation"

Create focus, clarity and openness around the strategy's goals and objectives

Why Strategy Model Canvas?

By ensuring a strategic overview, the method strengthens the company's communication across silos and departments.

The Strategy Model Canvas approach recommends a team-focused method that fits well with the spirit of the times and the desire of the younger generations.

Because the entire company works with the strategy, ownership of it occurs throughout your organization.

Many employees state that after the project, they suddenly understand the strategy and why they do what they do.

En kendt strategi, forbedret kommunikation og øget ejerskab skaber en rød tråd gennem virksomheden.

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Morten Nielsen
"It has been the best strategy material we have ever had made and was spot on in relation to what we were looking for."
Morten Nielsen, CEO
SH Group A/S

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