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What is change management?

Change management is the use of necessary knowledge, competence, abilities, methods, processes and tools for leading an individual or a group of coworkers from the present to the future desired situation to make sure that business goals relating to change are achieved.

How to manage people from different generations

Managing different generations is caused by the fact that in the future there will be fewer young people and that young people’s qualities will be attractive. The call to company executives is therefore that it's important to motivate, attract and maintain young talent in the companies to ensure a successful future.

The secret behind efficient strategy execution

Do you, like many other companies, have trouble executing your strategies? Find out which four elements that affect your execution and the five things you can do immediately that have the biggest effect on your company’s ability to execute.

The 4 most important questions strategists should ask themselves

When the road to a useful and coherent strategy seems long and winding, it is because it is, in fact, long and winding. It seems like an never ending project and many leaders don't know where to start. But it's actually quite simple. If you want to make a strategy, you have to answer these four questions.

Open plan offices – heaven or hell?

Open plan offices cost companies billions. This is the claim by a new Swedish study. Noisy offices makes people tired and demotivated and costs companies over two billion a year. We focus on the positive and negative sides by open floor plans, and gives you some tips on how to handle the large open offices best.

The Business Model Canvas

A good business model can help develop your company by rethinking the models you are currently operating from. Business Model Canvas is a tool useful for describing business models, and it helps you examine different ways from which your business can generate bottom line results.

LEGO Serious Play

The values of LEGO Serious Play rest on a faith in everyone's potential and a belief that everyone in a company can contribute to discussions, solutions and results.

The story about License to THRILL

A method to strengthen leadership, relationships, team and results in businesses and organizations. Works with employee engagement, customer satisfaction, sales / revenue and loyalty.

Strength-based Lean

Lean-thinking means to do more with less. Lean production is based on a constant effort to eliminate or reduce loss or waste in a production process. It is not just about the waste of resources, production-time or waste of time are equally important components of Lean production.

Executing strategy = Action, Beliefs and Trade

Strategy execution approach that combines strategy development and implementation into one process.
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