HR & Personal Development

Can you live with lack of job security?

In this theme we focus on how you are able to learn how to gain control of the insecurity of the job, so that you can enjoy your work and avoid stress caused by concerns. If you are managing a company with exposed coworkers, you can teach them to use the methods, so that they find calmness in the insecurity.

Bullying on the job

Bullying is taboo, and that is why many leaders get scared when it comes to handling the incidents. We have spoken to Ph.D. and corporate psychologist, Eva Gemzoe Mikkelsen from CRECEA A/S, about how you leaders can deal with bullying, and how to efficiently prevent it. This makes great financial sense, as well.

How efficient are you and your employees?

Time, and preferably a little more of it than the 24 hours that fills the day, is something we all wish for now and then. Some more than others. If you want more time on your hands, you need to read this. We talk about how you and your employees can learn to prioritize your work better to free valuable time.

How to handle stress

It is necessary with an effective prevention of stress in any company, and if you as executive do the daily work, you are well on your way towards a stress free work day.

Stress: Employee and organization

Even though the mental work environment has been on the agenda for decades, it is still difficult to find out, how we create a “safe and healthy work environment”, where we are able to avoid stressed coworkers.

Personnel management

Countless studies show that there is a direct correlation between good management and good results. It is also clear that what really makes a difference for the well-being of coworkers and their view on the company is their relation to their nearest manager or executive.

Change does not ask for permission, they just arrive®

How does your brain actually react to changes? Business psychologist Helen Eriksen shares her knowledge and explains how to cultivate innovation, innovation and growth.