Innovation & Trends

You can't hide from a megatrend

If you aren't already planning your strategy according to the megatrends of the future, then read along as Kjeldsen gives you valuable tips on how to begin to plan according to the way the future presents itself.

What is business mobility?

The term “mobility” or “business mobility” is used to describe the various strategies and technologies that the company uses to administrate a business that is independent from the location of the headquarter.

Trendspotting – do you know how to spot a trend?

We all carry our own version of what reality looks like, and if you leaders keep reaffirming each other's outdated world views, you will, sooner or later, have to face a big problem. With trendspotting you are able to practice challenging your perception of reality.

How you will be working in 2025. 7 trends to watch out for

We can all look forward to 2025 where our work-lives goes through dramatic changes. The boundaries between work and personal time merges, your nearest colleague may be sitting in India, and you may prepare yourself for the fact that many years at the same place of work is sheer history.

Can you predict the future?

Can you predict the future? Body hacking, meaning mining and collaborative consumption are some of the trends that futurologists predict will influence the near future.

Generating ideas

Ask yourself: "What is it exactly I want ideas for?" If you want to achieve the biggest possible effect from the work, it's important that you get to the bottom of these considerations before idea production is initiated.

Open Innovation

Open innovation deals with the process of opening up to your innovation and inviting the outside world to help rethink how you launch new products and services onto the market.

Internet of Things: You need to think like Google

We have talked with Martin Jørgensen, chief of innovation in Xtel Wireless in Aalborg, about Internet of Things, the possibilities and limitations of this technology and what he thinks will happen in the future.

Circular economy - How business can help reach climate goals

Circular economy includes a products entire life cycle to give it the smallest influence on the environment. Preferably a negative influence. While the production process must factor in environmental concerns, another of the core point of circular economy is that it must also be financially viable for companies.