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Can you predict the future?

Body hacking, meaning mining and collaborative consumption are some of the trends that futurologists predict will influence the near future.

One of the biggest challenges in the future is a lack of resources and this is where meaning mining and collaborative consumption will play a central part.

Meaning mining deal with creating better for less, for example by developing a small game for the MRI Scanner that helps children lie still or by figuring out how 20 square meters can have 24 different functionalities.

Body hacking has, nothing to do with aliens taking over your body. Instead, it is a method that thorough measuring your body’s signals or actions is able to help you achieve personal goals.

Founding partner and director of Future Navigator, Liselotte Lyngsø, offers some of her predictions on which trends and tendencies you should be aware of, if you want to be a frontrunner in the future.

To create better for less

We are undoubtedly facing a large resource problem on our planet and one of the solutions, according to Liselotte Lyngsø, will consist of not over-manufacturing. A solution is the so-called meaning mining that describes how you create better products, services, offers and so on without using more resources.

To listen louder

The world is characterized by fast changes. So it's important to be able to listen to the right people: Those who are going to buy your product or service. The citizens, customers or those who knows the culture

From ownership to access

The term collaborative consumption implies that in the future we'll own products to a lesser degree, as long as we have the ability to have access to them. Is it for instance necessary that we everybody owns a ladder? How often do you use yours?

From words to action

In the future action rather than words will change our behavior.