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What is change management?


Change management is the use of the necessary knowledge, qualifications, capabilities, methods, processes and tools to leadi a person or a group of employees from the present situation to a wanted future situation in order to help achieve the business goals relating to the change.

There is a number of acknowledged and well-tested methods on the market, such as Prosci, LaMarsh, BeingFirst and Kotter. A variety of companies also use their own methods to mange change.

A change management method usually contains important elements, such as:

  • Sponsor involvement
  • Training
  • Communication
  • Managing resistance

Change management is an independent discipline that may compliment project management when implementing change in organizations.

What do you get out of working with change management?

Through a number of studies from, among others, McKinsey and Prosci documentation of a clear connection between the quality of change management and the probability of reaching the business goals of a change project, have been created.



This means, that the organization will actualize the profits, which were the premise of starting a specific change project, much faster.

If an organization wishes to move from BAD change management to REALLY GOOD change management, it usually takes a while (years) and requires a lot of resources (both internally and externally).

How to get started with change management

When an organization wishes to improve their way of working with change management, the following elements will be critical:

  • Assess the readiness of the organization and its desire to improve its way of working with change.

  • Create reasons inside the organization for the key players to support the initiative.

  • Choose which method you want to use

  • Teach the organization the desired approach/method through training, support, organizing etc.

  • Integrate the change management method with other delivery models (for instance project management, LEAN, Six Sigma etc.).

  • Execute effect measuring of the above.