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The pros and cons of nudging

Recently, nudging has recieved a lot of attention with its promises of a cheap, discrete, unrestricted alternative to rules, warnings, restrictions and other negative courses of action. Nudging claims to be able to change people’s behavior simply by changing their surroundings. But have you also heard about the criticism the method has attracted?

If the boss sends fewer mails, the coworkers will follow

The amount of e-mail that a boss receives keep growing, and the time needed to sort, read and answer grows accordingly. Processing emails becomes a bigger and bigger part of your everyday life. Some researchers report that up to 40 % of a work day is spent on email. Forty percent! But where do all these email come from? Who sends them? Whose fault is it? As it turns out, research now shows that it's you!

Why it is more likely that you purchase, when you shop from your iPad

We have a tendency to increase the value of an object when we own it. Psychologists call this the "endowment effect". It's present in even trivial things like coffee cups and chocolate bars, someone just received in a laboratory. These somewhat irrational recent owners, will want much more money for the coffee cup, than the more rational buyers are willing to pay for them.

4MAT – learning styles, pedagogical method and process

With insight in 4MAT’s learning styles you will get a clear picture of your own learning style and the learning styles of others. You will become better equipped at targeting your own presentation to others and at taking responsibility for both your own and others’ learning.

Solution Selling ©

Solution Selling © is a philosophy, a method and a set of tangible tools that can help companies increase their sales results despite difficult circumstances.

Create an effective communication strategy

You and your company communicate all the time. You cannot not-communicate, so make sure you have a plan. Which stories and messages do you want to tell? Whom do you want to share them with? How and when? And not least: Why? Targeted, trustworthy communication strengthens your company’s brand – and can be felt on the bottom line.

Social media -How are you going to make a living when you die?

All products and services are becoming more and more digital and social, while their costs and prices are reduced. Digital options makes individuals and start-ups capable of challenging even the most established institutions.

CRM – is your company customer oriented?

It is difficult to get through to your customers. The wall of deals and offerings is high and it is difficult to attract new customers. That is why it is important to maintain and develop the existing customers.

How to make your sales people more effective

How you measure your sales people has great effect on the results you get and the efficiency of your common effort. It may seem obvious to measure performance based on how much a person converts and how many customers the he or she visits or calls.

How to motivate your sales people and make them love you as their boss

Selling is a creative process where you continuingly need to adapt to the information you receive, the experience you have of yourself and the experience the customer has. In order to be creative you must think abstractly and put together elements from the whole. It's impossible to do this efficiently if you only focus on the reward.