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LEGO Serious Play

- A language and a problem solving and communication method.

Image: Kenny Louie from Vancouver, Canada (CC BY 2.0), via Wikimedia Commons

The values of LEGO Serious Play rest on a faith in everyone's potential and a belief that everyone in a company can contribute to discussions, solutions and results.

When a leader, has to engage in complex business related problems such as developing strategies, managing conflicts, shaping and developing teams and work with turnaround and restructuring, LEGO Serious Play is an effective method.

When these challenges needs to be solved, you gather teams of experts and call for a meeting in order to work on the problem, but such meetings do not always proceed the way you planned. Just think of all the meetings you've attended over the years and how valuable it would be for the organization if every participant, when leaving the meeting, feels that:

  • Their ideas were heard and everybody’s knowledge was brought into play.

  • Everybody is on board and comfortable with the things that happened at the meeting.

  • What was decided can really be done and will make a difference immediately.

  • Every participant feels a bigger involvement and commitment to their work and is capable of making choices in agreement with what was decided, because the meetings have also created a social commitment and a shared sense of responsibility.

Unfortunately, in all too many cases employees don't leave such meetings with the above described feelings. Too much energy, too many ideas and too many opportunities, and people feel less motivated, uninvolved and not being taken seriously.

LEGO Serious Play deals with this exact challenge. It is a language, communications tool and a method for problem solving, which is based on the conviction that everybody can contribute to the discussions, the decisions and not least the result.


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