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8 tips for a results oriented LinkedIn culture

These 8 tips are developed as a supplement to our other tools about LinkedIn. We'd like to offer you 8 tips on how your entire company, can maintain an efficient and results oriented LinkedIn culture.

  1. Be specific and exciting
    People are generally fast at browsing through a webpage and assessing whether or not they want to spend more of their time on it. This is also the case with LinkedIn. So be specific and exciting. Catch viewers' attention and be sure to keep it.

  2. Use consistent keywords
    The use of consistent keywords in your presentation of yourself is important. Try to use positive adjectives. People would rather read about the innovative dealer of sports equipment than just the dealer of sports equipment. They would rather read about the tight knit and fun work environment than just the work environment. Of course, the choice of words must match your type of company and not point in too many different directions. This helps create personality and recognition – something that the actual content on your page is also designed to create.

  3. Create recognition
    It's a good idea is to create regular segments of information or genres: Weekly tips, monthly guides, etc. This provides recognition which people can use for identifying you and your company as the sender.

  4. Adapt your communication to the company’s image
    It's important that all communication matches your image. On social media, you're measured on what you communicate, so it is extremely important that your company can vouch for the things you say.

  5. Be authentic and create credibility
    Communication on social media can easily turn into a communication crisis. That is why you always have to be authentic and create credibility with your posts. Your followers should to be on your side, so that you are part of the same network, the same digital ecosystem.

  6. Create a community
    An important feature of the LinkedIn page is that you can create groups and events. You can activate your network, invite people, engage and include your coworkers and followers: Create a community. But remember that it requires lots of presence. You must be prepared to answer requests and comments and also continuingly update information. It is not enough to send out information and then leave.

  7. Let the employees be ambassadors
    It is not just the administrator who needs to be active. Encourage your employees to comment, “like” and share your posts, but make sure that they are not the only ones share, commenting, etc. That would harm your credibility. Employees can be excellent ambassadors for a company on LinkedIn, and it's a relatively easy task for the individual employees.

  8. Create traffic and engagement!
    Remember to link to your LinkedIn profile on your website, newsletters, Facebook profile, etc. It's as easy as it is important. The result is a valuable little digital ecosystem where everyone can contribute.