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11 psychological hacks that helps you reach your goals

We all know how important it is to be able to reach the goals we set for ourselves. But far too often we fall short. We give up halfway or before we even get started. And it is not that strange that we often fail. Our brain doesn't always cooperate.

The transient strategy

For many years it's been a widely held belief that you are able to make a strategy that lasts year after year after year, because it is based on an constant competitive advantage. However, recent research indicates that reality is quite different. A constant competitive advantage is, if not extinct, then certainly very rare.

A creative hobby makes you a better strategic thinker

Strategic thinking is regarded, by many, as an almost unattainable discipline, primarily reserved for the few. A discipline that, some way or another, is regarded as gift. Or magical. Julia Sloan attempts to destroy this assumption in her book “Learning How to Think Strategically”. According to Sloan, strategic thinking is something we are all able to learn.

Predict the future and develop a better strategy

It may sound strange, but your ability to predict the future is firm connected to your ability to make a successful strategy. For a strategy is basically “just” a simulation of what we think the future will look like.

How to choose the right customer

A lot of CEO’s hesitate when it comes to giving a narrow definition who their customers are. Perhaps because this action involves some tough choices. But if you do not engage this fundamental step, you are at risk of becoming a company that is anything but “customer minded”. In this tool we go through the four phases you must go through to find out who is the right customer for your company.

How you make your decision is just as important as what you decide

Far too many executives are dependent on conventional economic calculation tools when they have to make a decision. For example, if they should develop a new product or expand into a new market. It works perfectly well in situations where the company has a clear view of their possible choices and the consequences that follows.

How to choose the best growth-possibility: Weighing growth and risk

Initiatives for growth are often chosen from the heart, a gut feeling or intuition. But if this method no longer qualifies, we offer you a method that lets you evaluate your growth-possibilities in relation to their potential for generating profit and which also gives you a realistic evaluation of risk.

Business process mapping

There are several advantages to gain from using business process mapping. One of the most important is that the method can create a view of your different processes and thereby for instance reduce waste and expenses or streamline workflows.

They're pushing you too: The potential of nudging

Nudging is the new black and is used by both governmental and private organizations. Something you probably haven't noticed is that you are also being nudged.

Choose a strategy: The 5 most important questions strategists should ask themselves

When the road to a useful and coherent strategy seems long and winding, it is because it in fact is long and winding. It seems like an everlasting project and many executives do not know where to start. But it is actually quite simple. If you want to make a strategy, you have to answer these five questions.
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