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How to develop a strategy. Five essential phases

To develop a strategy may seem like a big and incomprehensible procedure. Where do I start, which information do I have to consider along the way, how do I get started and what do I need to know about my company, my competition, my customers and the market?

Strategy Map: Create a clear picture of your strategy and make it easier to explain

A Strategy Map is a fantastic tool for creating overview of your strategy and for being able to easier explain and describe it to the others. Meanwhile the tool is very applicable, when you have to develop a strategy. The method provides a structured recipe for how to ensure that there is a coherence between goals, processes and resources.

How to segment your customers

Segmenting your customers can be relevant under many different circumstances. When you are making a new strategy or developing new products, it is a great advantage to know which customer segments the company addresses, and which it does not.

Balanced Scorecard: Five principles to focus on the bottom line

According to 2GC Balanced Scorecard is the world’s most popular performance management method. But it is a complex method, and this means that a lot of companies struggle to gain the maximum effect from it.


The TOWS Matrix (Threats, Opportunities, Weaknesses and Strengths) is a superstructure of the SWOT Model and can be used for finding the company’s strategic development possibilities. The superstructure means that the TOWS Matrix combines the SWOT Model’s factors in a new and more structured way to identify strategic initiatives and areas of effort that the company can act upon.

How to find your negotiation style

There are many different ways of negotiating. We will take you through the art of negotiation and give you examples of how to develop your negotiation skills based on your intuition and ability to provide influence on others.

Gamification – make it fun

What's happening when an CEO can make 80 % of his employees exercise regularly or when drivers slow down 22 % due to a single regulation? The surprising results are achieved by making it fun, to do the right thing.

Business Development 2.0

Describe and create overview of the company’s business development and establish focus on the forward activities. Download a PowerPoint template of the model.

Has your strategy turned into planning?

To create an effective strategy, you must have a wider perspective and ask yourself some difficult questions. In this article we give you the five questions you need to answer in order to make an effective strategy, along with five typical mistakes that leaders make when they work with strategy.

How to do a cost-benefit analysis

The cost-benefit analysis is used for evaluating a project’s total expenses and expected size of revenue. Based on the analysis the company is able to evaluate whether a project is worth the effort.
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