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Entrepreneurship: 10 steps to success

In this article we present 10 steps that will guide you through the entrepreneurial process; from great idea to launch. The steps are a mixture of tangible action areas and important strategic approaches.

You are only four questions from a good business idea

There are many ways to generate ideas. But if you’re completely lost, or if you have too many ideas, then keep reading as we introduce a fast way to find an idea that you can begin testing and give a final validation within an hour.

Use the 3-stage rocket of Purpose-Way-Impact for a clearer strategic foundation

Do you and your colleagues find it hard to remember your mission, vision and values, then here’s a new way of dealing with it. A method that’s easier to remember, more authentic and easier to use on a daily basis.

10 reasons why you need a digital marketing strategy

Hate it or love it. Digital media is here to stay. Without a plan for how to act on different digital channels you are in danger of being forgotten.

Understand Blockchain

Blockchain is a technology which, among other things, allows secure transactions directly between individuals. This means no need for middlemen such as banks. For instance, Blockchain is the technology behind the digital currency bitcoin and it has the potential to change the way we do business in the future.

How to use the product life cycle for maximizing the success of a product

For many of us, marketing is as much an art form as it is science. If you need input concerning the scientific part of marketing, then the product life cycle is a good place to start. It shows, generally, when chances are highest for a specific initiative to give the best results.

How to grow by strengthening your company’s lead culture

Leads are references to potential customers which the company’s sales team then tries to convert into actual customers. There are many ways of addressing leads and generating leads, but the goal is always the same: To create sales and growth.

11 tips to be less stressed, more relaxed and more self-confident before a presentation

How to become more relaxed before a presentation. With relatively simple methods we can build up our self-consciousness and learn to relax a bit more under pressure.

8 tips for a results oriented LinkedIn culture

These 8 tips are developed as a supplement to our other tools concerning LinkedIn. Here we will forget the actual design of the medium and the preparations that leads to your LinkedIn effort for a while. Instead we would like to offer you 8 pieces of advice on how your entire company as a unit can maintain an efficient and result-oriented LinkedIn culture.
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