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How to write a convincing email

Something that's often discussed in offices and management hallways is all the unnecessary emails we are sending back and forth. As we've written before, good email habits start with a company's top management. So here are 6 effective tips on how to write better emails – for when it can't be avoided.

Do you have the right amount of sales people? Here's a better way to find out

It's expensive to have too many sales people and not having enough means loss of income. But how are you best able to figure out the optimal number in your sales force?

Comparative analysis of customers and products

By analyzing your customers in relation to your products, you are able to see what you are selling to whom and where you make your money.

Analysis of market structure and dynamics

This model is used for analyzing which structure a specific industry is built from. The purpose is to gain insight on the creation of value between partners and how the total creation of value is distributed. This distribution expresses something about the arrangement of power within the industry and your place in it. Besides the distribution provides a clue of opportunities and threats in the industry.

10 recommendations for a successful negotiation

Negotiations are something that we all use every day. When you discuss who should empty the dishwasher or pick up the children, you are negotiating. But it is not all of us that are equally good at this. That is why we have put together 10 recommendations from negotiation guru Ed Brodow that will bring you closer to the successful negotiation.

The marketing mix: The 4P’s and 4C’s

You've analyzed your market. You know your own product and similar product’s story and life circle along with the trends and central elements, that decide where your product or your service fits into your industry. Now it is time to start focusing on research and create a product that reflects your business goals and targets, while it also gives your customers great solutions (price, packaging, convenience).

Storytelling – how to use stories

Telling a good story is easier said than done, and if companies want to do it successfully they must know what to do and why it's so important.

How to develop a communications plan

In this model you are taken through all the relevant steps it takes to perform efficient communications. The plan also makes sure that all of the involved parties are aware of who says what, to whom and when. Your communication becomes clearer and the chances of your recipients understanding and “adopting” your message grows.

10 classic communication fails – how to avoid them

A lot of communications mistakes are easy to avoid if you spend a little extra time considering what approach you have to the ones you are communicating with.

Communication policy – how to make yours indispensable

Would you like to improve your company's ability to communicate? You can do this by using a communication policy. It clarifies the goals for the organization’s communication efforts and integrates, coordinates and manages the communication so that it is capable of fulfilling the organization’s goals.
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