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Purchase management – pursue a definite”no”

Isn't pursuing a “yes” the rational thing for a sales representative to do? No, not necessarily, says Tony Evald Clausen of SalgsPiloterne. Find out what you can get from pursuing a definite "no"

The elevator pitch and the good sales pitch

BANG! I can make you the best salesperson you could ever possibly be. Yes please! This is how a good sales pitch begins – with an opening that explodes, and you are already well on your way to capturing the attention of your customers. An elevator pitch is a term for a sales pitch that lasts no more than 30-90 seconds – the time it takes to get from one floor to another in an elevator.

A guide to the great phone call (and sale)

The foundation of all great phone calls is that they take place between people. If you want great phone calls, you must be the person you are. For some, it'll feel awkward and difficult, because it's different from what you are used to doing. Accept that the only way you'll have great calls is by being a human talking to a human.

How to research your customers

When working on an innovation project a good idea to have detailed knowledge about your customers. In order to obtain this knowledge, you must start researching them.

How to build trust through your behavior

In Speed of Trust – The One Thing That Changes Everything (2012) Stephen Covey talks about how every interaction between humans is a moment of trust, where you construct or deconstruct trust through behavior. That's why it's important to act in a way that creates trust.

10 tips for networking at conferences

In collaboration with network consultant Susie Lynge from the Network Academy we offer you 10 basic network tips you can use when attending conferences, events, seminars etc.

What do your customers really think about you? Low budget answers

72 % of CEO’s around the world would like to improve their knowledge about the needs of their customers, according to research done by IBM.

The Johari Window

The Johari Window helps us understand how we share and receive information. It can contribute to the illustration and improvement of self-consciousness between individuals and teams. It can also be used to change group dynamics.

How to write a useful meeting summary

Far too many summaries are never read. Either because they are too long, too uninteresting, too incomplete or because they don't reach the right recipients. Here are some tips on how to write a meeting summary that's useful. Below we cover both note taking techniques, the structure and content.

How to make a cold call

Get an introduction and find out how to get started with phone sales through cold canvassing. Learn the three types of customers, how to structure of the conversation and get some general tips on a good cold sale.
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