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How to write an effective press release

A well-written press release decides whether your message reaches the public or not. The trick is to write it in a way that makes reporters pick up the story. Most people know that a well-written press release is important for gaining access to the media, but several things can mess it up.

Better communication with ethos, pathos and logos

Do you lack effectiveness and power when you communicate? Look to good old Aristotle before you say anything.

Speak the language of your coworkers

Do your coworkers seem demotivated? Is the mood down and tense at the office? Perhaps it is because, you don't recognize your coworkers the right way.

Know your recipient: How to make a stakeholder analysis

A stakeholder analysis is a useful tool when dealing with your company’s communications effort. It's important to know who you're communicating with in order to communicate efficiently.


Do you want to become better at structuring what you have to present? Here you can download a recipe for how you build your material based on the principles of 4MAT.

Communication Strategy

Download template for planning a communication strategy.

12 tips for successful internal communication

Take control of your internal communication. See the 12 guidelines here.

Goodbye to cold canvassing. Warm leads are digital

Many of us are familiar with this problem. We are often agitated when a telemarketer calls us out of the blue and robs us of our precious time. Even though we know the person is only doing his job. But in many cases this job should perhaps be done differently? When was the last time you bought something based on a cold canvassing call?

What is social selling, and how do we do it?

You are probably familiar with the word, but maybe you’re unsure what it means. Is it just another buzzword for marketing or advertising on social media?

How to choose the right network and keep track of your contacts

No matter how you choose to network, it’s about building close relationships with those who are most valuable to you. You have to turn contacts into connections. But when it comes to joining a network there are now so many to choose from that it may seem difficult to decide what suits you the most.
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