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Crowdsourcing: Let the crowd create your product

The term crowdsourcing has existed since 2006, where Jeff Howe introduced it in the article “The Rise of Crowdsourcing”. Crowdsourcing is a process, where users are involved in companies' product development through the internet and social media.

Murder Boarding

Murder Boarding is the process that marketing consultant Nilofer Mercent uses for filtering ideas and locating what really makes a difference in a specific situation and context.

Building an innovation process

An innovation process is typically split into different phases. There are numerous innovational methods for conducting the tasks in each phase. Here we will show you some of them.

Ready for AI? It already changes the way companies organize themselves

AI, Artificial Intelligence, is still in its early stages, but already the technology is starting to influence how companies organize themselves, hire and train employees.

What's your digital IQ?

Digitization is at the top of the agenda in most companies these days. Whether it’s about being on Facebook, making a web-shop or developing digital products, we realize that this is where progress is heading. And it’s moving fast. If you don’t want to fall off the wagon, you better hold on tight.

5 areas where AI and robot technology changes your company

It's often routine or manual functions that are automated by robots and AI and replaced by other types of jobs, which are based on more technical, social or creative skills. But every part of the company will be affected by the development, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. Here are five examples.

How do you secure your data?

Areas such as product- and business development, customer service, sales, communication and operations typically take up much of our companies’ energy. But an area that is often given too little attention – especially in this increasingly digitalized age – is data security. How do we secure ourselves? Against what? And why?

What will IoT mean to your business?

In recent years one of the major trends has been the Internet of Things (IoT). Are you uncertain about what it is, which opportunities are buried here or what it will mean to your business then read along as we look closer at what IoT is and whether or not the hype is justified.

Creating innovation from curiosity

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or the leader of a company with lots of employees, innovation is a vital resource. We have to keep moving forward. However, innovation can often be difficult to relate to. What is it exactly and how do we do it?

Despite technoskepticism: Augmented Reality helps manufacturing companies

Augmented Reality (AR) is more than just Pokemon Go and IKEA catalogues. Magid Abraham and Marco Annunziata writes that Augmented Reality is already helping us improve our employee’s achievements.
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