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Create team cohesion with a Team performance review

The team performance review is a central part of making a team work. This is where the team gets a chance to discuss the things that are necessary for the collaboration to work. The team takes time to discuss process, collaboration, solutions, etc.

Create an efficient team with Tuckmann’s 5 team development phases

You probably know the situation: You have gathered a team of your best coworkers to solve a critical work assignment. Your star-coworkers are ready, everybody knows it is an important assignment that needs solving, and everybody know that there is too little time to do it, as always.

Your team performs better, if you share mental models

It's almost impossible to avoid working with somebody else in order to solve an assignment in any average modern company. But how is your team doing? Do they outperform expectations? Push boundaries and rethink concepts? No? I didn’t think so. Far too many teams limp through projects, miss deadlines and deliver mediocre results.

4 things research has proven makes teams better

For many executives and entrepreneurs teambuilding and teamwork is kind of like the engine of a car. With its countless moving parts, electronic components and unknown gizmos hidden under the hood, few have a clear image of how it works. Fortunately, there is someone who can help.

Scrum factsheet: Introducing to the most important terms

Have you also read that Scrum is supposed to be simple, but you're still confused? Perhaps this is because of the overwhelming use of esoteric terms by Scrum-practitioners. This means that it's difficult to see the big picture because of the minor details blurring it. That's why we have developed this factsheet.

Understanding Scrum: The most basic components

If you have a project with lots of unknown elements that needs development in an unknown or very unpredictable environment, the Scrum-development framework is a way of managing all the unknown and movable parts of your project.

The agile manifesto

The agile manifesto is not quite a method but rather a philosophy that attempts to break away from the rigid, fixed methodologies they experienced within the area of software development. Which is also implied in the use of the word “agile”.

What is project management?

Project management is inevitable for most leaders. Sooner or later your company will have to implement something new, and you'll need some essential tools to help you create a better perspective of the process from idea to product.

How to avoid culture shock when on a foreign assignment

When stationed abroad isn't something you should dive into without having considered it thoroughly first. If you're going with your family, it's very important that you and your family agree that a stationing abroad is the right choice for you. The thought of a foreign assignment is often a decision that requires some getting used to. So talk it through well before the stationing.

What is corporate culture?

Imagine that you do not need to micromanage your coworkers. That they can independently make the right decisions for the good of the company. That they instinctively know what is the right thing to do regarding customers, partners and competitions. Where your resources as executive are spent on thinking big, strategic, forward-looking thoughts and not micromanaging coworkers and putting out fires.
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