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How to efficiently plan your time

Too many projects gets stranded or ends up exceeding deadlines. How do you escape this vicious spiral? Here are four steps to plan your time efficiently.

To do or not to do

Many Leaders use to do lists for prioritizing their work tasks and limited time. But these lists are a waste of time, if they aren't made and applied the right way. In the following you find 11 guidelines on how to make an efficient to do list.

Action plan for reviews on well-being and absence

Get help to implement and follow up on difficult conversations, where the items are either very personal or serious and can have consequences for future cooperation. Download Action Plan and helpsheet.

The Happiness Model

Everybody wants happiness at work, and we must create this ourselves. It is not handed to us. Karin Krogh’s Happiness Model spreads happiness wherever it goes – now it's reached you.

DISC personality analysis

DISC is a personality analysis that show you a person’s behavior within various surroundings. It's applicable for many uses, such as recruitment and management and employee development.

Recruiting a new employee - Preparation

What type of employee is your business seeking? The four templates: 'Recruitment of new coworker - Preparation' covers the most important considerations up to the recruitment.

Improving meeting efficiency

Download Word document with the following templates: Rationalization Scheme, template meeting agenda, meeting rules and routines.

How to find and retain the right employees for your team

It will get increasingly challenging to find the right candidates. The labor market is changing and so is the way we recruit. In this article, we explain which employees you should target, how you integrate them most effectively and how they can recruit qualified candidates for you in the future.

10 behavioral changes that make you more efficient

Everybody has days that don’t turn out the way we thought. We get distracted, we’re not getting enough done, we focus on tasks that aren’t important and so on. How can you reclaim control and become more productive and motivated?

Why you procrastinate

It’s extremely annoying yet perfectly normal. Everybody procrastinate from time to time. Even the most productive people. But how can some people remain so productive while you feel procrastination prevents you from doing your job? They are productive because they know the reasons behind their procrastination and they know how to handle it. And you can too.
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