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How to create an advisory board. 4 effective tips

If you aren't entirely ready for a board of directors, an advisory board could be a good way to test it. One difference is, that with an advisory board, you don't have to follow the advice, like you would be with a board of directors. On the other hand, your advisors are not responsible for the company.

What's the right frequency for changing board members?

In your company, how often do you bring on a new member to your board of directors? Is it the same men and women who hold the same seats for 5, 7 or 10 years? Then it is probably time for a change.

How to create a professional board

A professional board consists of different professional men and woman that are carefully selected for the board, because he/she has knowledge, competences or experience that the company needs. A professional board works determined on strengthening the company.

Use flow theory and task mapping to boost your team’s performance

About how a balance between work tasks and the level of competence creates the conditions for flow. And how you make this possible in your team.

Your friends have more friends than you. And that's a good thing

Yes, it may sound sad, but it is true. According to what is known as the friendship paradox your friends, statistically, have more friends than you. But don’t let this get you down. The same thing most likely applies to them, and besides, it really isn’t that bad.

The "mere exposure effect" and how it helps you network

We are constantly told that it is important to network. But it is not always that simple. Especially not if you are a beginner and your network is almost nonexistent. It can seem overwhelming when trying to find out where to start building the meaningful relations that should later lead to opportunity.

How to treat project constipation

About efficient project portfolio management, less is more and why short and thick is better than long and thin. A lot of companies struggle to complete projects on time and within budget. A large part of the reason that the project gets out of hand is that the company has no overview of which projects that are ongoing.

Why you don’t want to choose

Why do students get less homework than earlier, why don’t you have the energy to find the cheapest phone company, and why are we less satisfied than previously? According to psychologist Barry Schwartz, the surprising answer is that we aren't able to handle the freedom of choice that we so eagerly strive for.

Gratitude makes your coworkers more satisfied, you healthier and your marriage happier

Your mother wasn't completely wrong, when she tried to teach you to say “thank you”. Research within a wide range of areas show that good old fashioned gratitude has a positive effect on, among other things, your work life, your relationship and perhaps more surprisingly; your health.

Why you have to measure your communication

Good communication creates results. That is the message from a group of Swedish researchers. If you know how to communicate effectively with your employees, it has an effect on the coworker, the group and the entire organization.
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