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Create more time for the important work

A week consists of 168 hours. A part of it is spend by sleeping, some is used on working, relaxing and being with family and friends. Unfortunately there is also way too much time being spent on unimportant assignments. Assignments you do not need to do and which could be delegated to others or changed.

The most important indication of an executive’s success: Emotional intelligence

Your abilities as a leader is said to be the most important thing when considering your employees' satisfaction on the job. That's why there are great advantages from working on your EQ, or your emotional intelligence.

Empty work. Are you bored at work?

When I worked as a ticket seller at a public pool, I'd sometimes spend most of my time studying, playing solitaire or chatting to my coworkers. Sometimes, there simply wasn't enough customers to keep me occupied the entire day. And it seems, I am not the only one who've experienced this.

How to get started with stand-up meetings meetings

Whether you call them stand-up meetings, war rooms, productivity meetings, planning meetings or something entirely different, the method of using a shared white board (physical or digital) to give you a perspective on what your team is doing, is invaluable to a lot of teams.

Good leadership creates better bottom line results

Even the best executive sees potential to become even better. But it can be difficult to know where to act. Which dimensions of your leadership have the most effect on your company’s bottom line and your coworker’s satisfaction? And is it the coworkers or the bottom line that is the main priority?

Are you more productive just before deadline? You'll probably miss it

The good news: You can do something about it! Research shows, that those of us who prefer working under pressure jeopardizes the deadline of the entire team. But these three simple pieces of advice can help you and your team reach your goals.

It's proven: A good workplace performs better

Both in the private and the public sector it is the same song: Produce more with less money and also increase the employees' work satisfaction. And everything indicates that the problem isn't getting any smaller in the future. The competition keeps growing and prices drop. That is why productivity and efficiency is still one of the hottest topics among many companies. But the path to higher productivity and quality is not always “running faster”. Rather, it's about creating a common language, common goals and mutual respect.

Plan the upcoming year with an annual wheel

Do you experience difficulties maintaining an overview of the events in your company in the upcoming year? Use a wheel to plan your annual cycle.

Organizational culture analysis

When organizations doesn't change when management wants it to, a lot of the time it's because something in the organizational culture is working against the change, according to Edgar H. Shein.

KPI/CSF Template

If you are about to or in the process of working with KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator), it is a good idea to gather all business goals, definite goals, KPI’s and measuring points in a single document. This template is one way of doing it. In this model you can, other than the company’s shared KPI’s, also insert KPI’s for individual divisions or even individual employees.
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