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Herzberg's 9 motivational factors: How to motivate your employees

What do we want from our jobs? Higher salary, security, good social interactions, possibility of growth and advancement – or is it something entirely different? This is an important question, because it is the foundation of motivation, the ability to engage your colleagues in a way that makes them perform at their very best.

KPI: You can't win without a goal

As executive it is your job to have a clear view of the big picture. You must clarify the company’s vision and mission and know in which direction the company has to move. In a complex company where (almost) everything is measurable and where many different aspects of your business can influence your overall mission, this is not an easy assignment.

Beware of the winner's curse

Not only at antique auctions, but also in the business world, it often happens that companies offer more for a product, contract, agreement or a company other than what they rationally are worth. They have been affected by the winner's curse.

LEAN thinking

The main idea behind Lean, which was developed at the Toyota factories in Japan in the 1960’s, is that you only produce what your customers are willing to pay for. Everything else in your organization is considered as waste and must therefore be eliminated or minimized.

Become more inspiring, successful and important – find your WHY

By examining why, you do what you do, why your company exists and what it is you are really passionate about, you will become, like other people that are aware of their WHY, more successful, inspiring and important.

Conflict management

Stress, sickness, loss of energy, frustration, depression, powerlessness etc. are often the result of a conflict that has not been dealt with due time. To prevent this you as an executive should be aware of how to manage conflict before everything goes wrong.

How to deal with your competition

Competition is generally healthy and not as dangerous as a lot of people tend to think, so why be afraid of it? The competition should be a motivator for your company’s ability to do better.

Idea catalogue for after-work meetings

After-work meetings create attention and is a popular way of meeting your coworkers. They are meant as a closure of the day or as input relating to a theme-day or a conference.

Level 5 Leadership: How to get there

If you're in a leader position, you've probably wondered how you are able to move to “the next level” and go from good to great leadership. Read along as we explain Level 5 Leadership.

Criticize me, it makes me better

Do not be afraid of handing negative critique (feedback) to your coworkers. Especially experts actually are motivated to do their work even better from negative – but always constructive – critique.
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