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Mission, vision, goals and values

You have probably been told once or twice that it is important that you have your mission, vision and values in place. In this article we explain the difference between the three terms and engage why you have to work with the company’s mission, vision and values.

Decorate your office using Feng Shui

Feng shui is an old Chinese philosophy of life regarding decorating and architecture, and the ground principle us that you have to live in harmony with your surroundings. By using feng shui you can decorate your life so that the energies have a positive influence on your life. And that also applies to the workplace.

Have you been to Abilene? – How to avoid making bad decisions

It's in everybody’s interest not to waste time and energy on bad ideas and decisions. By pouring your resources into the extermination of group thinking your leadership will not only become more efficient, your coworkers will also become more motivated and feel a greater sense of responsibility towards their projects.

How to get the most important information

Most of us are way too bad at asking questions. We become uncomfortable in the silence between question and answer and then add a variety of possible answers. Or we are afraid of asking stupid questions and rather just give up. Unfortunately this means that we miss out on a huge amount of useable knowledge.

Positive psychology – exercises and good advice

We know because we've been there: The optimistic, trusting, present executive ignites significantly different feelings in her coworkers than the pessimistic, critical, busy boss. Executives characterized by positive feelings develop coworker’s feelings in the same direction. Feeling positive promotes efficiency and creates better results.

John P. Kotter: Change management

This model consists of eight phases that can be applied in relation to any large, ambitious act of change in a company. It's a sequential model and you shouldn't skip any steps.

Generation Z: New coworkers, new challenges and new opportunities

Generation Z is society’s first actual digital natives, since most of them can’t even remember a time before the internet, computers and mobile phones. This gives them a unique understanding of digital tools along with the ability to quickly adapt. They are a potential goldmine for companies if we know how to integrate them.

In the future, recruiting will be fluent

Technology, digitalization and automation are catalysts for change, and leaders must likewise have a digital mindset – when recruiting as well as leading employees. Because both recruitment and retention are changing as fast as the labor market itself. To prepare your company for the future, keep reading.

Eliminate paralyzing rules (and get more done at the same time)

Do you, too, feel that you’re wasting a lot of time on work assignments that basically don’t help you solve your core assignment? That measuring, KPI’s, rules, procedures and structures don’t necessarily make you more productive and, perhaps, even make you less productive? Then you’re not the only one with this feeling. Research show that companies’ ability to be more productive are decreasing.

How to use virtual tools for smarter collaboration

Communication is increasingly an integrated part of pretty much every aspect of an organization, so we don’t necessarily need more internal communication, but rather smarter communication. Communication with a strategic approach, efficient user experience, breath of view and shared language.
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