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6 signs of a successful CRM process

What is the first thing that comes into mind when you hear the word CRM (Customer Relationship Management)? If you imagine a more or less advanced IT-system, you are definitely not the only one. And this is probably one of the biggest reasons that up to 50 % of all CRM projects fail.

The 10 most important reasons that CRM fails

As it is the case with a lot of new things in different companies, there are far too many CRM (Customer Relationship Management) projects that are failing. But with CRM it turns out that if you know where other companies typically fail, there is a greater chance that your CRM project becomes a success.

4 reasons why Lean fails

Lean, if used the right way, is a very efficient tool for increasing productivity and reducing waste. But sometimes companies fail when attempting to implement Lean. Here we will reveal four of the most typical pitfalls.

How to avoid scope creep

Scope creep is when the frames around a project, both financial and deadlines, grows during the process of the project. It literally grows in size, and there are many possible explanations of this.

Activity Based Costing (ABC)

ABC is an alternative to traditional budgeting, where a company’s indirect costs such as electricity, heat and marketing are divided proportionally in accordance to the direct costs of the activity. This is dissatisfying because two activities that consumes the same amount of direct costs can easily consume totally different amounts of indirect costs.

Beyond budgeting: Is it time to get rid of the budget?

For a long, long time there has been a consistent and penetrating criticism of the budget. According to several experts it's because the budget is neither build for making strategic decisions nor for assessing coworker performances and payments.

How to develop a simple risk management plan

By having a risk management plan at hand, you can avoid having small problems turn into big, perhaps even irreversible problems. This model takes you through a number of steps that guarantee you have a well laid-out plan ready – just in case…

Identify your optimal culture and achieve it in 2 simple steps

The culture in your company is definitely not something that you, as an owner or leader, should take lightly. Besides the proven fact that a strong corporate culture is able to create better returns than business with weaker cultures, a weak culture can also lead to other serious consequences.

Business Model Canvas

Download a template of the Business Model Canvas.

Talk to both the Elephant and the Rider if you want to succeed with change

Do you have a feeling that change is always difficult? Your coworkers don't want to change anything and are in fact fighting the change? Perhaps you, yourself, react negatively to changes, once in a while?
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