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How to use if-then planning to reach your goals

You probably know the feeling – it’s something that typically happens right after New Year’s, but it also occurs throughout the year: Once again you have to admit that you cannot follow up on your New Year’s resolution. You are not going to lose 5 kg or learn to play the guitar or bake all your bread yourself. Luckily for us, there is a method that we can all use.

Why you must know your thought pattern

The thought pattern you have is very significant because it predicts your level of achievement. If you have a growth mindset you will achieve better results, according to Carol Dweck.

What is burn out?

Being burnt out or having depression fatigue is a work related type of stress that comes from ongoing mental or physical overload. Most often it affects those that work with people professionally. Especially skilled and committed people who demand a lot from themselves are often affected.

Are you in danger of burnout?

Burning out or depression fatigue is a work-related type of stress that comes from a continuing state of mental or physical overload. It most often affect people who work with other people. Especially skilled, enthusiastic people who demands a lot from themselves are often affected.

David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD)

Have you lost your broad view of things, do you skip between assignments, and never feel that there's enough time? Are too many assignments falling through the cracks at the same time? This was the situation that David Allen attempted to do something about 20 years ago, when he created the Getting Things Done method.

4 paradoxical reasons why you do everything in the last minute

Do you sometimes feel powerless, too, when, once again, you procrastinate on that 'one' important assignment, you know you have to do? Then you are certainly not alone.

2 surprising reasons that your work life balance is off

Everybody agrees that work life balance is important, and yet, many are still unsatisfied. So what is it that keeps working against us?

Work life balance: Do you treat your social life time and family as seriously as your job?

When did you last sit down and consider what the vision or the goal of your life is? What strategy you need to get there or how to distribute your limited resources, so that you keep moving in the direction you want to go?

How to balance work time and free time

To have balance between work and free time is difficult. For most leaders and managers work is where they spend most of their waking hours. And the feeling of never having enough time arises. But how do you do this? What do other successful leaders do in order to create a perfect balance between job and free time?

Solving tasks too early can be just as bad as solving them too late

Even though your schoolteacher and your mother always said the opposite, there are actually advantages in waiting for the last minute to do your school assignment, the annual accounts or your next presentation.
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