HR & Personal Development

Recharge your energy

Nine fun activities or exercises to give you more energy for when you have a seminar, course or long meeting. They can also be applied in groups that needs to get to know each other better.

1. The cat and the mouse

Participants: 12-20
Materials: None
Duration: 5-10 minutes

Choose a cat and a mouse. The rest of the group stands in three or four lines with their arms stretched and their faces pointing in the same direction. The cat’s job is to catch the mouse by running back and forth between the lines (they must not cross the arms). When the cat claps, the people who standing in the lines turn 90 degrees while still being in line facing the same direction, so that the cat can catch the mouse. The mouse can squeak in order to make the lines of people turn around.

Gives a lot of energy.

2. Electroshock

Participants: 8-50
Materials: None
Duration: 5-10 minutes

The group is divided into two (or more) teams. The participants from the two teams hold each other’s hands. You must stand in two lines next to each other. Five meters in front of the participants is a scarf or another object that can be picked up. A person squeezes the hand of the person at the back of both lines at the same time. They will then squeeze the hand of the person next in line and so on – like an electric wave. When the person in front of the line feels the electric shock, he/she runs towards the scarf. The team that gets there first wins.

Gives energy and promotes teamwork.

3. Huddle

Participants: 6-20
Materials: None
Duration: 10-15 minutes

One person is sent out of the room. Meanwhile, the rest of the group arranges themselves in a circle while holding hands. Without letting go of each other’s hands they all try to “entangle” themselves and each other. When everyone is satisfied with the “knot”, the person that was sent away is called back with the task of disentangling the knot.

Variation: Everyone closes their eyes and move around among each other and then grab two random hands. When everyone holds two hands, you open your eyes and try to unravel the lump. This way no one needs to be sent away.

Good exercise for teambuilding.

4. Catch the ball

Participants: 15-20
Materials: two small balls or bags of rice
Duration: 10-15 minutes

Everybody sits in a circle. The two balls are passed round the circle starting as far from each other as possible. The goal is for one ball to surpass the other.

Variation: Every other person in the circle is on the same team. Do as described above, but only pass the ball to someone who is on your team. The winner is the team that catches the other team’s ball.

Good exercise if you need a little fun but still have to be concentrated and work together.

5. The caterpillar

Participants: 10-30
Materials: None, but a large space, if possible
Duration: 5 minutes

The participants are divided into two teams who stand in two separate lines with their hands on each other’s shoulders. Now try to catch the other caterpillar’s tail. When you catch it, your team gains a person from the other team. The game is over, when everyone is part of the same caterpillar.

Good if you need some energy after a long day of sitting down.

6. Penguins and flamingos

Participants: 10-100
Materials: None
Duration: 10 minutes

Choose someone to be the penguin. The penguin moves around rapidly like a real penguin with their arms down the side of their upper body. Everyone else are flamingos and are only able to move slowly and gracefully with their arms moving as if they were wings. It's the penguin’s job to catch all of the flamingos. When a flamingo is caught, it turns into a penguin and tries to catch other flamingos until everyone is turned.

Creates new energy.

7. Evolution

Participants: 10-100
Materials: None
Duration: 15 minutes

Everybody walks around among each other and pretend that they are an egg with a chicken inside that wants to break free. Everybody pretends to poke the shell in front of them. When you meet another egg, you play rocks, paper, scissors, and the winner continues to level two.

Level two: The chicken – the same as before, except you have to sound like a chicken and move your wings.

Level three: The lamb – sound like a lamb.

Level four: The monkey – jumps and scratches itself while sounding like a monkey.

Level five: Superman – fly around with your arm above your head.

When you've developed through all five levels, you fly around and look at everybody else, who looks silly. The game ends, when there are four people left. These four participants have lost.

8. Fruit salad

Participants: 10-40
Materials: Chairs for everyone minus one
Duration: 20 minutes

All participants sit on chairs in a circle, except one who stands in the middle. Everyone is given a fruit name (for instance apple, banana or pineapple). It's important that there is more than one person attached to every fruit. When your fruit is called by the person in the middle, you must get up and find a new chair. The person in the middle calls out names until he/she has found a chair of their own. Now a new person has no chair, and it is this person’s turn to stand in the middle. If the person in the middle calls out “fruit salad”, everyone must find a new chair. You are not allowed to sit on the chair you just left.


  1. Everybody stands in a circle, except for the one who starts the game. He/she stands in the middle. Now the person in the middle says “Everyone with … (blond hair, big feet, brown eyes, blue pants etc.) switches place.”

  2. Like above. The person in the middle for instance says “I have never been to Africa” or “I have been the boss”. Everyone who agrees with the statement has to switch places.

9. Keep your loved one

Participants: 17-51 (it has to be an odd number)
Materials: None. However free floor-space is required.
Duration: 10-15 minutes

Half of the participants stand in a circle. Behind them stands another person. The person in the circle and the one behind him/her is a “couple”. The people standing in the outer circle must place their hands behind their backs.

One participant is single and has no one standing in front of him/her. It's this person’s job to steal another’s loved one by winking at them. When you receive a wink, you must attempt to run to your new partner. The person behind you must try to catch you before you run away. When your loved one has left you, you must find a new by winking. And so it goes on. After some time, you switch places, so that the other person is now in the inner circle.