HR & Personal Development

Time log


Do you find i hard to have enough time? Is keeping appointments and your own plans a problem? And don't you know what's wrong? Try registering how you use your time for a short period of time.

In order to find out where the problems are, you need to know what you want to spend your time on. Decide on a periode of time (for instance a week or some representative days) where you'll register how you plan to spend your time, and how you actually spend it.

Jot down things such as: Effective work, phone calls, interruptions, preparations, urgent assignments, etc.

With this registration you are able to find out:

  • Whether you get the things done, you planned.

  • How big the agreement or disagreement is between what you have planned and what you are actually doing.

  • How much time you actually spend on non-planned assignments.

  • How much time you could advantageously reserve for non-planned assignments and thereby make a time-realistic plan that includes time for the non-planned.


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