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Use color on your notes to become a better thinker

 Are you the type that loves to take notes by hand? Do you like the sensation of the pen touching the paper or the freedom it provides to be able to draw arrows, highlighting or even drawings that illustrates your notes? But do you sometimes get the feeling that it is hard to maintain a clear overview of your many different notes. Do you have to read through all of your notes in order to find that one author or that single method you remember is in there somewhere?

Perhaps you should complement your regular pen with colored ones.

Research shows that colors on graphs and tables, for instance, makes them easier to recall and that “color coding” can be a very important element of your performance. If applied in the right way.

Color code your notes

If you want more colors in your notes, there are several different ways to do it.

Traditional notes
If you use traditional notes, you could for instance color the names of contact persons green, events red, your action points blue, other’s black, important dates purple etc. Or whatever matches your type of notes.

Mind map
Another great note taking technique is the use of a mind map. Here it also makes sense to apply colors. It makes your mind map more interesting to look at and sorts your notes in groups, so that it becomes more foreseeable and lets new associations occur easily.

If you do this, you might even think better with a pen in your hand.