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7 guidelines for safer BYOD

If you in your company have chosen to offer your employees the freedom and flexibility of BYOD, there are certain things that are important to consider. We have found these seven practical advices that are definitely worth sharing.

What will the 3D printer mean to your company?

There is hardly any doubt left about the enormous potential of 3D printing. But this also means that it can be quite unforeseeable how to draw advantage from it. With these principles you get an overview of how the 3D printer can help you to overcome the critical price, time and complexity barriers.

It is no longer sufficient to trust your intuition – now you must trust big data

When was the last time you made a decision based on your gut feeling, experience or just plain intuition? It happens quite often, right? And it is probably also the way you often lead your company. But what if you had concrete data from which you could base your decisions? Data that tells you in which direction the market, competition and the customers are moving?

Does your team have x-factor? The 5 factors of success

We all want more innovation – everything has to be new, create bottom line results and provide new customers. But innovation is difficult. Numbers show that up to 80 % of all innovation projects fail. Either they fail to develop any ideas or the developed ideas does not succeed on the market.

10 tips for successful innovation teams

Imagine that you've been given the assignment of creating a new innovation team. It's your job to create a team that's able to come up with a new lucrative business idea and run it from concept to launch. This is a big task. To locate developmental areas outside the core business is difficult, especially in a company that's been making the same products for decades and which generally does not want to risk anything.

Personas – put a face on your customers

Personas are archetypes that describes your potential customer’s or user’s different goals and behavior. Personas helps marketing, sales and product development understand what kind of ideal customer we are trying to attract, and understand that our customers are real people.

Learn to control the creative process and get more out of your ideas

This tool, which is made with inspiration from the production company Copenhagen Bombay and their work on idea development, you will get the fundamental sketch for how to avoid spending too much time on idea development and on how to have the right impact with your ideas.

Gap analysis

The Gap analysis has several purposes. It helps you discuss and clarify the difference (the gap) between your company’s current situation and the situation you want. This way, you're able to clarify your company’s current and future solutions in relation to your customers’ needs.

What is pretotyping?

Basically pretotyping is the art and the science of “faking it before making it” when trying to create an innovative product or service. When using this method, you increase the speed of innovation and product development and still save resources.

Crowdsourcing: Let the crowd create your product

The term crowdsourcing has existed since 2006, where Jeff Howe introduced it in the article “The Rise of Crowdsourcing”. Crowdsourcing is a process, where users are involved in companies' product development through the internet and social media.
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