Innovation & Trends

Building an innovation process

An innovation process is typically split into different phases. There are numerous innovational methods for conducting the tasks in each phase. Here we will show you some of them.



• Preparation, structures and ways of cooperation



• Startup and kickoff. The purpose is to develop a clear direction and get a clear picture of what you need to follow during the project.

Methods: Workshop, SWOT, trend or industry analysis



• The goal is to learn the users' needs and situation in relation to what has been defined in the startup phase.

Methods: Ethnographic interviews, expert interviews, customer journeys, observation



• The goal is to analyze the collected research material in order to create an overview and identification of the development potentials.

Methods: Value chain analysis, personas, pattern analysis



• The goal is to develop and select concept ideas that have the potential to be developed further and tested.

Methods: Brainstorm, mind map, prioritization matrix, scenario development.



• The goal is to test whether the product have any potential before spending resources on further developing the project.

Methods: Gap analysis, segmentation, business case.



• The goal is to produce a prototype for a product or a service to test on users and customers.

Methods: Workshop for super users, breakthrough method, service pilot.



• The goal is to test and adjust the prototype in preparation for the implementation.

Methods: User group, living lab