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The Change Curve: Four phases for change

Change is inevitable and we all go through new changes regularly. If you want to get through the next change process easier and faster it's a good idea to understand how people typically react when going through change. According to Dennis T. Jaffe and Cynthia Scott, the people behind the model called The Change Curve, it’s actually the same four phases that we all go through.

The most efficient leaders clash with the company culture

Which chief executive do think is most efficient? The one whose style of management matches the culture of the company or the one whose style of management clashes? A lot of people will point at the first type of leader. But actually, research within the area of leadership show that it is often quite the opposite.

Virtual management: How to keep you employees happy

More and more employees work on the distance and there are plenty of reasons. One of the more important ones is a better balance between work and personal time. Research show that long-distance employees are generally more satisfied with their work/life balance. But ironically, this balance may prove to be particularly challenging if you aren't at the office every day.

Virtual management: The most important challenges and focus areas

“How hard can it be” you might say, when you are about to manage your first virtual team. “We may not see each other so often, but we’ll just use Skype or e-mail or chat when we need to plan and coordinate a project.” But do not let yourself be fooled. To manage a virtual team is about more than just dividing and coordinating assignments.

The top 10 skills of an ideal board member

When you decide you need a professional board it's important that the people you include have the right set of skills that your company needs. We list the 10 skills you should consider whether or not your potential board members have. If a board member has less than 8 out of 10 you shouldn’t recruit that person.

The best executives are boring

What does the perfect boss look like? Do you see a charismatic, colorful person with charisma, a great personality and great visions for the future? Are you also imagining a professional expert that has built his own company from the ground? But is charisma and expertise really the best measure when it comes to the ability to lead others?

Test: Does your board contribute with something new?

If you want an excellent board of directors, it's important that it provides value to your company.

10 fundamental principles for effective virtual teams

Team management is tremendously enriching and remarkably challenging at the same time. And the challenge does not become any smaller, if your team is spread over different addresses or even the whole world. Here are 10 principles that help you make your virtual team work.

What is self-direction?

Self-direction is the reality for more and more employees. Both in production, schools and hospitals more and more self-directing teams are created, and knowledge workers are expected to be increasingly self-directed.

Redefine your leadership position with Holacracy

How an underrated measuring instrument, the registration of tension and autonomous cells inspired a new way of organizing companies.
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