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Adhocracy – make your company more agile

Companies want to react faster, improve and be just as agile as all the IT startups we hear about. For many, it’s not just a desire it’s an urgent need. If we want to keep up these days we have to develop ourselves all the time.


According to the authors of this Letter to the CEO, Julian Birkinshaw and Jonas Ridderstralle, the changes they propose will not only make your company more agile. They will also make your life easier. 


They call their model Adhocracy. It’s about changing our mindset. Our focus must be shifted away from rules, procedures, knowledge and insight (which makes our companies slower and less agile) and focus on action.


Just like the army when small units operate in hostile territory, where adaption and fast decisions are absolutely necessary, for companies it’s about dividing the work into small projects, experimenting, market testing and adapting fast to feedback.


The authors mentions several examples of methods you can be inspired by, for instance the agile movement, scrum method, beyond budgeting and Holacracy.


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