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Decorate your office using Feng Shui

Feng shui is an old Chinese life philosophy regarding home furnishings and architecture, and the basic principle is that you have to live in harmony with your surroundings. By using feng shui you can arrange your life so that the energies have a positive influence on your life. And that also applies to the workplace. It deals with creating balance between surroundings, management and employees, so that everyone receives optimal conditions for doing the job that he or she is hired to do.

Based on the principles of feng shui, we give you some ideas on how to set up your company, so that your customers will feel welcome and your employees have a workday with energy to concentrate and develop.


If you want to:

Have better ideas:

The development and innovation department can advantageously be placed in the eastern part of the company, and creative people in the southeastern part. The sparkling, optimistic and creative energy of the wood-energy will automatically enhance the joy, optimism and desire for creation (see chart of the department placement).

Decorate a room for motivation/focus:

All that concerns focus, motivation and concentration is strengthend by being in the northeastern part. An energy (ground energy) that you do not wish to stay in for longer than necessary, which implies that the work always gets done as quickly as possible – which is no disadvantage.

Create large fundamental changes such as optimizing sales, improve collaboration and well-being among employees and create a better working environment

Many things/departments/people must function before the sales are optimized, or you are able to create more well-being, and this can only happen when the total energy of the company is in balance. This means that every employee and department is placed optimally and all workspaces are decorated according to the principles of “the five animals” (see below).

Improve finances and create a healthier business

Everything is connected and as such, the previous notions also applies here. Aditionally, the placement of the main entrance plays a large part, because the energy around the main entrance is activated every time someone comes and goes. Is the company for instance dependent on a large number of visitors, a main entrance in the northern part will be in direct conflict with the desire of many visitors. The deep calmness of the water will prevent this.

Reduce absenteeims due to illness and stress

The five animals’ principles is about placing yourself strategically and avoiding (negative) surprises. Always be prepared to fight or flee. It is our primal instinct, and that is why you should always sit with your back protected, so that no one can reach you from behind unnoticed. You should also have a good view of the room and the entrance(s). By placing yourself like this, you relax and are able to focus fully on the assignments and not waste time and energy on keeping eyes and ears open. Something what really causes stress is sitting with your back uncovered and vulnerable.

Train employees and develop competences

This is done by placing each employee (also management) in the energy that promotes his/her abilities in the best way (see chart of the entrance’s placement).