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Idea catalogue for after-work meetings


After-work meetings create attention and is a popular way of meeting your coworkers. They are meant as a closure of the day or as input relating to a theme-day or a conference. The meetings are often free to attend, but many requires signing up.

The meetings are characterized by being placed at the end of the day outside workhours and also by their dual-focus on both professional and social aspects. The meetings is an efficient way of gathering new knowledge, and you should attend a go-home-meeting when you feel like getting smarter on a topic in an informal context.

The professional aspect:

Professionalism within any field is kept flexible and participants can obtain something on different levels.

  • Further development of competences.

  • Gather inspiration for the workday.

  • Create connections with practical or theoretical areas within a professional topic.

  • Focus on current problems and paradoxes in our society.

  • Share experiences. How have others dealing with the challenges?

Presentations at after-work meetings usually aim to create debate.

The social aspect:

These meetings give participants an opportunity to informally network and mingle.

Suggestions for topics:

  • Sustainability: How can your company become greener and save energy? What have others done? Who can help you?

  • CSR-strategy: How can your company develop a sustainable CSR strategy? Why is it important? Who does what within your industry? Can we learn something from other industries? Who can help you get started?

  • Stress-free workplace: How can your company fight stress or prevent it? Who do well on this topic? Who can help you get started?

  • Open house: Relevant guests are invited to share opinions and experiences about work and the bigger perspective.

  • Can you look into the future? Focus on the newest trends and tendencies in your industry.

  • Partnerships: How do you find the right business partners? What is the value of a fruitful partnership?

  • Change and innovation: How do you make sure it happens? The presentation can more exciting with practical examples and relevant exercises.

  • How to communicate effectively! Give the participants a taste of what it takes to have more punch and power when communicating.

  • Efficient meetings contribute positively to the bottom line: Explain what difference efficiency does to a meeting, and give them different methods to implement.

  • Social media: How can the company become more visible on social media and interact with your customers?

  • Knowledge-sharing: How do you share your knowledge in a way that benefits the company?

You can get inspired for many other topics on our webpage – so perhaps you will be opening the doors of the next meeting after-work meeting?