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Leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith: About engagement and a high level of IQ

As a CEO or a leader, you are often alone with lots of decisions and it can be a lonely place. That is why many leaders seek out a coach in order to keep developing. One of the most famous leadership coaches is Marshall Goldsmith. He coaches the world’s best CEO’s and thus has direct contact to some of the best leaders in the world.


He has also been acknowledged for his effort more than once, for instance by Thinkers50 several times. Most recently in 2015 where he won the Thinkers50 Leadership award and finished in the Business Thinker top 10.


Thinkers50 made this video of Marshall Goldsmith and his big idea:


How to strengthen your own engagement through active questions.

"For the great individual achiever, it is 'all about me'.

For the great leader, it is 'all about them'." 

Marshall Goldsmith


Ask yourself these 6 questions every day:

  1. Did you do your best to set clear goals?
  2. Did you do your best to make progress toward goal achievement?
  3. Did you do your best to be happy?
  4. Did you do your best to find meaning?
  5. Did you do your best to build positive relationships?
  6. Did you do your best to be fully engaged?


Thinkers50 have gathered the best pieces of advice for top leaders from 50 business thinkers in what they call “Letter to the CEO”. We have been given exclusive permission to share Goldsmith’s letter with you.


We tend to think of high level of IQ as an advantage, but according to Goldsmith, high intelligence can create challenges that we might not have thought about.

Read the article and learn Goldsmith’s advice on how to handle four crucial challenges.