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A guide to international shipping

When you send your products abroad, there are several things you need to consider. Both practical issues such as choice of packaging and formal issues such as labeling, shipping papers, insurance and documentation needs to be in order. In this article we'll take you through some of the most important elements to be aware of in relation to shipping.

Prepare your product for export

In order to sell your product on the foreign market you've decided on it is important to adapt your product to the market(s) you wish to sell it on. Here, you have to be aware of the county’s rules, conditions and preferences.

Identify your market

If you want to succeed in your export market, first you must identify the market that is most profitable for your products or services in particular. Without guidance or help this can be a very time-consuming and expensive process – especially for smaller companies.

How to create an export strategy

An export strategy is a flexible management tool and not a static document. The goal of the strategy should be compared to actual results in order to measure the success of various strategies. Add and adapt the strategy along the way as you gain new information and experience.

How ready are you for export?

The following questions focus on some of the characteristics successful exporters have in common. How many of them can you answer with a yes?

Enter the Russian market successfully

Based on the well-known fact that understanding promotes business and that understanding is the path to success, expert on Russia, Mette Baerbach Bas lists 10 tips on startup in Russia, which we have converted into this guide.