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Premortem: How fictional time travel improves your project

Far too many projects go wrong, which is something we have written quite a lot about. But perhaps the problem isn't located in neither the plan nor the execution but rather that we have not thought about all the ways a project can fail. Luckily, there's a method that allows us to identify all of the potential problems. It's called The Premortem.

How established companies handle digital disruption

Disruption is a separate challenge for established companies. Contrary to startup companies established companies already have a current business to tend to, and this means that if they bet on disruption (many have to) they will literally have to disrupt their own current business. This is naturally a difficult balancing act.

Create continual growth using the right strategy and an efficient infrastructure

If you've ever been part of a company with the ambition of growing bigger, then you've probably also experienced that creating and especially maintaining growth is rarely easy.

What really happens when we push a deadline?

The reason that you do not take advantage of extra time and how you can start doing so. Research shows that after we sigh with relief, because the pressure is off, we really don't know how to spend extra time in a sensible manner. That's why we end up battling the same problems again: The same stress, the same time pressure and the same feeling of not being entirely ready. But now another week or even another month or year has passed.

The 12 phases of a partnership process

A partnership or a strategic alliance is a complicated process. It's characterized by many moving parts and potential pitfalls that you need to manage. Luckily, here are some firm reference points to steer by.

Partnerships – risks, challenges and results

If you're entering a partnership or a strategic alliance, you are in for an adventure where something is at stake, where you have to overcome different obstacles and, if all goes well, a happy ending.

Value Proposition Canvas

A lot of companies place a strict focus on their Value Proposition. And this is in fact quite natural, since it's here, you define and express what value the company’s products and services provide for its customers. But according to Alex Osterwalder this is not enough. Even though you have a fantastic Value Proposition, you are not guaranteed success.

5 things that promote customer retention in your B2B Company

Even though, one might sometimes doubt it – we've all experienced poor customer service – companies invest heavily in customer retention programs. And with good reason: It's almost five times more expensive to get a new customer than it is trying to sell to an existing customer. But when it comes to customer loyalty, it can prove difficult to transfer typical B2C (Business to Consumer) methods to the B2B (Business to Business) company. But there is something you can do

What brain research will teach you about customer retention

About endings, brain research and happy customers. Whether you're beginning an extensive CRM project, or if your ambitions are more modest, there's good advice to be had from the behavioral economist Daniel Khanemann. Because he's researched how our brains function and which mechanisms are controlling whether we're happy or not.

6 signs of a successful CRM process

What is the first thing that comes into mind when you hear the word CRM (Customer Relationship Management)? If you imagine a more or less advanced IT-system, you are definitely not the only one. And this is probably one of the biggest reasons that up to 50 % of all CRM projects fail.
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