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Positive psychology (1/3)

Many leaders focus on problems and on correcting errors. But according to Thomas Gedde Højland there is a lot to be gained from by noticing the things that work.

Feminine leadership (1/5)

In these videos, you'll hear more about feminine leadership, the balance between masculine and feminine intellligence, how you use the two types of intelligence to become more effective and how we get more women into mangement - and how to keep them there.

Change management (1/3)

In these videos Peter Harboe Clausen shows you how to deal with change managemet, to make sure every one reaches the finish line. During change you have to make sure all participants are ready, that the level of ambition matches the organization, that the ground work for the change has been done, that the right approach is chosen, that the organization is ready and then making sure that the change is integrated in the organization.

Generation management (1/6)

How do you navigate in a reality where five generations are on the job at the same time? According to Soulaima Gourani this creates completely new demands of today's leaders.

Rock'n'roll management (1/6)

Be more rebellious and less perfect - it's in the imperfect and the crooked innovation happens. So it's important that businesses create conditions and contexts that give crooked personalities the oppertunity to innovate. This is just one of the lessons we, according to Thomas Geuken, can draw from rock music.

Jonathan Løw (1/3): Listening louder

In this video series serial entrepreneur Jonathan Løw shares why he thinks your ability to listen louder and accelerate your learning is decisive for your ability to innovate, disrupt and develop new business ideas.

Impact measurement after the ROI method (1/3) - Why perform ROI measurements?

What was the return on your latest project? If you do not know or are in doubt you can learn much more in this video series with Peter Levinsen. Contrary to what many may think, according to Peter, it is not difficult. It only requires that you know how to do it.

Strategy Execution (1/5) - Introduction to strategy execution

Too many strategy projects never really gets off the ground. And it is all too often the execution and not the strategy that fails. In these five videos Lars Møller from ResultPartner goes through a number of the key elements you should be aware of for your strategy to lift itself from the planning table and be successfully implemented in your business.

Partnerships (1/2)

In these videos Jesper Bang Andersen talks about partnerships, how to get started and which pitfalls to avoid.

Licence to THRILL (1/3)

Why do some teams outperform others under similar conditions? Which tools, methods an mental abilities do the best teams have? The answer can, acording to Karsten Kock co-creater of the Licence to Thrill method, constitute of Thrill factor.
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