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Business Model Canvas (1/3)

The canvas helps you to systematically create different business scenarios. It covers the entire business and keeps you focussed on the fact that your idea must create income.

Strength based LEAN (1/3)

In these three videos business psychologist Henrik Kongsbak shares a thorough walkthrough of strength based LEAN. Among other things an introduction to the research behind, why it works and how you do it.

Business Development 2.0 (1/3)

The Business Development 2.0 model is used to describe any Company's development and to give a clear picture of the company's development and future focus

Strategy Execution (1/4)

Great advise on strategi execution. Watch management consultant Lars Bo Hansen share his wisdom in this short video.

Morten Vium (1/3) - The 3 most important things on a LinkedIn profile that creates business

Do you have difficulty finding out how to reach out to potential customers with LinkedIn? Watch Morten Viums videos and find a number of concrete places to start.

Sales with LinkedIn (1/3) - Field sales with LinkedIn

Do you think, like many sales directors, that LinkedIn is something for the marketing department and that salespeople can not really pick up value here? Then you are very wrong. According to Ole Bach Andersen from Newsperience, there are namely three ways sellers can use LinkedIn to generate sales: Field sales, indirect sales and social selling.

Branding (1/2) - Demystifying a buzzword

Find out why Christian Majgaard believes that a brand is an impression, how you measure your brand's strength and how you can leverage your strong brand.

Negotiation Technique (1/3) - Preparation

What is it that separates the good negotiators from the best? You will get to know in these videos with Jan Lindegaard, who among other things is former Group Purchasing Director of ISS. It is, among other things about the right preparation, about building trust and about asking many questions.

The Network DNA (1/3): DNA Networking

Do you have a hard time with networking? Then you should watch Susie Lynge's three videos about networking. She explains in particular why you should not just focus on your professionalism. In addition, she can teach you how to set and achieve goals through your network.

Communications strategy (1/3) You can't not communicate - so what is your plan?

Many businesses make the mistake of talking about their products. Sofas for instance, or IT support. The problem is, that this almost always results in a rattling off of salesy platiudes that neither makes your customers more happy, smarter og willing to buy.
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