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How to make a presentation - form & content (1/3)

In these videos with Karin Krogh you'll learn how to make af great presentation, find out how to become a world champion and how to engage your audience.

Performance (1/4)

In this video series, speaker and mentor, Karin Krogh teaches you how to control your nerves, body and voice and she teaches you how to prepare before you present your message.

Internal communications (1/3)

Communication is the way to your employees hearts. And at the same time it's whar Lone Ryg Olsen, HR and communications consultant, experiences most employees want: More communication from their leader.

Social media (1/3)

Social media is the source of new business models, where new businesses can stand up to the lagre established corporations. By integrating social media i your business model new, more effective, solutions arise. In these videos René Bach Lundsgaard share these four tip on how to best use social media in your business.

4MAT communication (1/2)

How do you become a great communicator and which four phases must your message go through to be effective? Find out in Mette Bugge Kronborgs videos.

How to have effective sales people (1/2)

How do you get the best results out of your sales people? And which three things motivates your employees? - It's neither a highjer salary or the fear of being fired. Tony Evald Clausen reveals the right answers in these videos.

CRM (1/3)

In these three videos you are also introduced to the most important things you have to remember when you're working with Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Among other things you have to know your customers and always remember that great CRM creates value for both customer and business.

Storytelling: How stories become business (1/3)

In an ever-changing world, where the old rules of marketing no longer apply, cultural understanding and identity is the icebreaker that makes you attractive. We need to learn the cultural codes and play accordingly, and we need to understand the core of our own business and communicate it through stories that touches people’s hearts, according to Jim Lyngvild. Because the good story is far more important than the actual product.

Peter Fisk: Gamechangers – Are you ready to change the world?

On the 28th of January 2016 the lecturer, author and management guru Peter Fisk visited Odense to talk about his latest book Game Changers. We were lucky, and got a few words from the man himself.

New Ways of Working (1/3) - Background for New Ways of Working - 4 Generations in the labor market

Søren Krogh-Nielsen, CEO. of Ricoh Denmark A / S tells what benefits New Ways of Working has. Among other he speaks about the many benefits of using new technology intelligently so that collaboration and workflow works best.
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