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Trends for the Future (1/5) - The most important factor for success

Founding partner and director of Future Navigator, Liselotte Lyngsø, offers some of her predictions on which trends and tendencies you should be aware of, if you want to be a frontrunner in the future.

How to ask burning questions (1/3)

Finn Kollerup presents a systematic method for generating idea you can use to generate, collect and idetify ideas and focus areas

LEGO Serious Play (1/3)

You've probably already heard of LEGO Serious Play. But are you still unsure precisely what it is, how to do it, and why it works then watch these three videos with Michael Buckle.

Open innovation (1/2)

Open innovation has created a paradime shift regarding innovation, and today more and more businesses experience advantages through opening their innovation processes to customers, user, suppliers and in som cases even competition.

Disruptive innovation (1/3): Why is Disruptive Innovation so important and what is it exactly?

In these three videos with Henrik Sonnenberg you'll learn what disruptive innovation is, why so few are able to create real disruptive innovation and how to start disrupting your industry.

The Enneagram (1/3) - The Enneagram creates greater unity and cooperation

In these three videos Flemming Christensen from THINK ABOUT IT explains how the Enneagram can help you understand your talents and why this knowledge makes you better to communicate, develop trust and reduce conflicts.

The 5 choices for exceptional efficiency (1/3) - Act on the important, not the urgent

Become extraordinarily productive with three simple techniques that help you prioritize, balance and manage your tasks, roles and technology around you.

Human ressource management (1/4)

In these videos Mette Rosa Esbensen, HR and management consultant, share her view of what's important to achieve good HR.

This is how your brain deals with change (1/3)

How does your brain deal with change? Business psychologist Helen Eriksen shares her knowledge lets us know how to support innovation and growth.

Organizational psycological stress managing (1/2)

Henrik Rosenstjerne has developed a method he calls organizational psycological stress managing. Involving the employer means that all 350 stressed employees, who's been through the process has returned to work.
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