Internal communications (1/3)

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Have you talked to your employees today?

Communication is the way to your employees hearts. And at the same time it's whar Lone Ryg Olsen, HR and communications consultant, experiences most employees want: More communication from their leader. 

Being a leader can be difficult. A lot of leaders are promoted fra specialist to manger, where they need som completely different tools. You have to surrender some of the thing that used to create succes and instead start usind the leader most important tool: to communicate. As Lone Ryg olsen says: "If you are to busy to communicate, you are to busy to be a leader." 

Fortunately, it isn't too hard. Read Lone Ryg Olsen's 12 tips for successful internal communication>. 

Lone Ryg Olsen is a former journalist and HR and communications director. Now she owns Working Relations where she works with HR and communication with several companies.