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High performance teams (1/3): The consequences of bad leadership

Bad leadership is common in many companies and teams and, according to Thobias Laustsen, the symptoms are often similar: Control, bureaucracy, bullying, stress and burn out just to mention a few. But how do you deal with this?

Appreciative Management (1/2) - Management is a Relational Craft

For Lars appreciative management is about "how management can look like, so it's nice, safe and comfortable to be in" Find out how to create this in these videos where you are also introduced to the 7 appreciative principles and a series of cases illustrating both good and bad recognition.

How do we get up there? Leadership behavior and communication in business development (1/2)

During a change process it is essential that a company's management communication and behavior supports the change. In these videos you get Christian Majgaard recommendations on how to do it the best way.

Cultural differences (1/4) - The cultural detective (Part 1)

In these four videos Anette Dahl from C3 Consulting presents two tools that can help you navigate between two different cultures.

Change management: ’Unlock’ old patterns

In these three videos with Jes Graugaard you can find out how to 'unlock' the old patterns that stand in the way of change, how 'sense of urgency' replaces the burning platform and the one thing you can not ignore if you want to create a true performance culture.

Project Portfolio Management (1/3)

Are you managing more projects than one? Or are you managing several project managers? Then you know how difficult it can be to satisfy everyone when there are limited resources. Niels Søndergaard Teilberg talks about the challenges of project portfolio management and shares the solution with you: You can not make everyone satisfied.

The Passion test (1/3)

There are many reasons to deal with passion, both your own and your employees. Passionate people have more fun on the job and perform far better than the non-passionate. In these videos you get Pia Torrecks ideas about what passion is, where it comes from and especially how to find YOUR passion.

Management in change (1/3): Managers can't create change

Michael Lindberg of Lindberg International and "MBA på en dag" gives us a taste of what you can experience at "MBA på en dag". In these three videos he focuses on how to create change.

Paradoxes in management (1/3) - The organization's paradoxes

Learn how to find your management position, how to use the method in relation to your employees and try a simple exercise that gives you an insight into your management strengths and identify areas where you can usefully exert more effort.

Aligned Leadership (1/3)

In these videos Michael Møller from Implement Cosulting walk us through a method to work methodically and specifically with problem solving. Find the problems earlier, works methodically with problem solving, share and learn from your mistakes and create a culture where that is a natural part of the culture.
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