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Feminine leadership (4/5)

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Create flow by balancing your masculine and feminine strenghts

Flow is the state where you work so focused that you forget time and plasce and it feels as if everything succeeds. According to Kirsten Stendevad you reach this state when your masculine and feminine traits are balanced. 

Typical masculine strenghts are action orientation og goal-driven, while feminis strenghts are more focused on the process towards the goal and include the emotional, physical and collective. 

By combining og alternating between the masculine and feminine inside all of us, according to Stendevad, we all become more creative, innovative and even more effective. One of the reasons is that flow is more likely to occur when we alternate between process and goal - the feminine and masculine. 

In these videos, you'll hear more about feminine leadership, the balance between masculine and feminine intellligence, how you use the two types of intelligence to become more effective and how we get more women into mangement   - and how to keep them there. 

Kirsten Stendevad is a speaker, author and director of education and training.