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Strength based LEAN (1/3)

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Strength based LEAN - How it works

In these three videos business psychologist Henrik Kongsbak shares a thorough walkthrough of strength based LEAN. Among other things an introduction to the research behind, why it works and how you do it. 

The reason behind the method are the two biggest challenges of working with LEAN:

  1. How to create a culture where people take responsibility for change.
  2. That LEAN often improve on existing processes and thus often hinder innovative thinking. 

This is basis for strength based LEAN. The idea is, that we learn much quicker by focusing on positive things. According to Henrik Kongsbak, the instictive reaction to negativity is one of three things: flight, fight or freeze. If we focus on positive things, on the other hand, we become more involved, curious and even brighter. 

Henrik Kongsbak is a consultant at the consultancy Resonans where he works as a leadership advisor and consultant, His focus is the field of tension between engagement and business. He co-authored the book "Organisaioner der begejstrer".