We ensure progress
and creator solutions of the future

We are subject experts and help you develop the difficult solutions


Real Green Sustainability

  • Identification of business opportunities, which makes a difference to the climate, customers and bottom line 
  • What is your value drivers and how do we make them a reality?
  • Anchoring and commitment throughout the organization with our unique method

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New Strategy Model

  • Cabinet strategic focus so everyone knows how they contribute
  • Make a relevant Go-to-Market strategy widespread throughout the organization
  • Get an overview prioritization tool, helping you work on the right thing first

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Innovation & new business development

  • Development of products and services that meet the needs of both users, customers and the market.
  • Adaptation and development in relation to new and changed conditions for the business 
  • New requirements for digital solutions both in production and use

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Vi sikrer fremdrift og skaber fremtidens løsninger
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Julie Kjær-Madsen

Kenny RM Sorensen

For those of you who have tried before - without success

The new way to develop your business.

We have more than 10 years of experience strategy, management and network. Together with the best experts, we develop NEW solutions to your most pressing problems.

Like our customers, we focus on being the best. By developing the best models and methods, tailoring solutions and creating momentum for your business.  

We are passionate about developing the solutions of the future and setting the agenda in important and difficult areas.

LederInsigt started in 2012 as a learning site. Today, we focus on where we make the biggest difference. Face-to-face.

We help companies develop the solutions of the future.

We set the agenda on the difficult and difficult areas and create a new type of consulting house that is based on an active network and ensures you progress.

Our customers

What do we help with?

Creates greater ownership of the strategy, incorporates the culture in the strategy and ensures the execution for larger Danish production companies
Creates clear communication channels around strategy across management and departments in member organisations
Develops strategy material that helps trading companies on their Nordic growth journey
Supports organizational change in electronics companies that strengthens the company's culture, organization and upcoming growth journey

Why Leader Insight?

LederInsigt is a universe for greater insight into the difficult and important things

We have finger on the pulse and knows the challenges and needs of Danish companies.

We bring the experience and insight we share here on the site, and much more, to life in your company. Either when we come to visit as consultants, hold lectures, organize trade days or workshops.

Contact us today to find out how we can help.

"It has been the best strategy material we have ever had made and was spot on in relation to what we were looking for."
Morten Nielsen, CEO
SH Group A/S
"With the New Strategy Model, we got a tool to both draw up and then execute on our strategy. It simply became easier to break down the strategy into concrete action plans – so today we are well underway with the tangible work. I can definitely recommend the New Strategy Model”.
Elisa Grauenkjær, Owner/CEO

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