Sustainability with profit

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Poul von Wowern

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Sustainability is not an issue. It is an option.

Consumers and customers demand sustainable solutions, but too many businesses don't know where to start.

Together we find the solutions you didn't know existed, and you get peace of mind and a safe direction with our compass for sustainable profit. 

The compass for sustainability with profit helps you with easy-to-understand tools, workshops and presentations and ensures that you focus where it makes the most sense. 


Your compass for sustainability with profit

Your compass for sustainability with profit

Are you using your strengths where it gives the most value?

Too many companies are misusing their efforts when it comes to sustainability. we help identify the profitable opportunities that also make a difference to the climate and the environment.

LederIndsigt collaborates with the best consultants to deliver high quality - tailored to your company.

With the model, we identify your best sustainable business models together

Without anchoring and commitment no results. We will help you further

Which measures are your most important value drivers and how do you translate them into action?

Our step-by-step walkthrough takes you to the next level

Why Leader Insight?

LederInsigt is a universe for greater insight into the difficult and important things. That is why you will find articles, tools, videos and templates for free use.

But we offer much more. Our many years of experience in developing tools, knowledge and models in management mean that we have finger on the pulse and knows the challenges and needs of Danish companies.

We bring the experience and insight we share here on the site, and much more, to life in your company. Either when we come to visit as consultants, hold lectures, organize trade days or workshops.

Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Morten Nielsen
"It has been the best strategy material we have ever had made and was spot on in relation to what we were looking for."
Morten Nielsen, CEO
SH Group A/S

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